Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When is Your Last Day?

When is Your Last Day?

Okay, you may be wondering, “What does that even mean?”

It means this: If your life isn’t exactly how you want it right now, then…

When is your last day working at a job you don’t like?
When is your last day of being chained to some time clock?
When is your last day of being behind on bills?
When is your last day of being in debt?
When is your last day of being told what to do each day?
When is your last day of letting someone else decide you how much you’re worth and how much you will get paid?

It’s really up to you…

Only you can make that “last day” come. If you don’t, then it will always just be someday. Don’t let that happen. Take action today.

You can change your life to be just the way you want it, but you must take action. By getting the training and tools you need, you can begin earning a much easier living from the work of your hand. It is far easier and much more within your reach than you may think.

Take back control of your life. Invest in yourself. You can do it. If you didn’t take the time yesterday, please, take time today to develop yourself, learn a skill/trade, it will do you greater good than you will think possible

Friday, January 14, 2011


What is it that the unemployed want, youth or otherwise?
In an informal discussions I have had with a cross-section of the Nigerian unemployed, especially the youths on finance and jobs I have to come to the conclusion that many of us do not want jobs but money. Ask one what he or she will prefer job or money you will see the majority going for the later. Now ask what they will do with the money, you will be amazed at the number that will be going for consumables (luxury consumables for that matter like posh cars, exotic apartments etc) with very little going for investment in real productive sectors.
Can you pause and think for a minute! What do want? money or the job that yields the money continually? And if the answer is the later do you not think you should acquire the relevant skill that will give one or let you create one. or What do you think? Let me know.

Monday, January 10, 2011


A young friend of mind sent me a mail wanting to know what Catering by extension the school is all about.
That is why I will try to briefly define the concept here. In a nutshell we can say that :-

 Catering is the subject that deals with the production and service of food, drinks and sometimes rendering of accommodation to customers. It also deals with the training of skilled personnel/workforce who comes in contact with the customers first, before any service is being rendered.
Therefore the school that teaches students how to produce & serve food and beverages and the best methods of rendering accommodation to guests so to say are known or referred to as catering schools.