Sunday, June 5, 2011



Now what is self discovery? This is an act  of a determined and  deliberate analytical introspection leading to the realization of ones` potentials hitherto laying dormant and untapped.
It reveals your strength, weakness, endowment, ability, your soft and tender  spots, It also shows your beautiful and ugly sides, thereby placing you on the right pedestal to conceptualize your upper and lower limits, see what you  can do and what you cannot, what you can achieve with minimal effort  and what you can access just for the asking.Of course it defines your circumference and projects your true self-worth and value which promotes self sanity and decorum. We are talking of talent motivation and it is only through self discovery that  your talent and full potential. Until you discover your talent you cannot talk of self-motivation.
Many people are working today and making money quite alright, but they are still in the wrong  natural habitat. No wonder the inner peace, contentment and self-fulfillment and satisfaction is not there.
Dr Orison Swettt Marden once said;
No  Man would be ideally successful until he has found his place. Like a locomotive he is strong on the track but weak anywhere else.
E.R. Thompson also said;
Somewhere in you is something for which the World is waiting. Find it OUT.We have to retreat both as a nation and individuals to Self Discovery, but mostly as individuals, because, the moment every individual realizes himself or herself and becomes self-sustaining and self-dependent the tension on the economy and the polity will ease.

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